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Épica restauración Mazda RX7 en Chile

Epic restoration of a Mazda RX7 in Chile

Last weekend we went to this tremendous inauguration, and in the process we give infinite thanks for the invitation, to a long-awaited launch of this new car (in a certain sense). 👀 .

A wonderful RX-7 that was restored from absolute ZERO and was found in the desert in Copiapó many years ago with a dog on top hahaha. It took wind and tide for the day to arrive when it was ready.

But how did we end up revealing this restored RX7? We went because Rubén, the owner, was looking for a cover (which you can find here) for his RX-7 and in the meantime he invited us (which by the way was very cool) and it was impossible to say no to this tremendous invitation.

The experience of being able to see a work OF THAT TYPE IN CHILE is unique. The attention to detail, the love and passion for being able to leave a project at an epic and absolutely professional level, at the level of many projects that are exhibited at the SEMA Show, the famous automotive fair worldwide that is held in Las Vegas and that We had the opportunity to go.

So we leave you the family video, of what this great revelation was. We hope you enjoy it because it is an absolutely unicorn and stay tuned for everything we will upload because we are constantly uploading very entertaining things for all the nuts fans.

PS: There were many epic cars, complete, drinks and more food. So our fat thanks it hahaha

Congratulations to @lavidademirx7 and for shaping all this! Go follow them, we assure you that it is totally worth it.